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You are a student, a graduate, a teacher or just an individual and you want to learn the basics of web development? You are at the right place! Some knowledge in the most used languages in web dev will grant you a better collaboration with developers and engineer in computer science during your future missions.

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Welcome on NEOMA Coding School

And do you want to learn the basics of web development? You are in the right place ! Basic knowledge of the most popular web languages will make it much easier for you to collaborate with developers and IT engineers on your upcoming professional assignments.

This knowledge is all the more useful! You will be able to guide your developers step by step during the realization of your own website in order to obtain the expected result in a smooth and efficient manner.

This intuitive and collaborative tool will quickly become essential in your lessons! In class or remotely, save time by using Coding School tutorials to present features to your students, optimize your exchanges with them by using the support function which allows you to correct a code sheet while sharing it with the rest of the group, or provide them with a shared code project for simultaneous collaborative work.







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Quels langages pour commencer ?

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Maîtrisez le HTML et CSS avec Angèle

Maîtrisez le HTML avec Angèle

See the tutorial

Les variables

See the tutorial
Intelligence Artificielle

Créations de fichiers avec ChatGPT v4

See the tutorial
Site d'annonce (Expert)

Page de gestion d'un membre

See the tutorial

Tableau croisé dynamique

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Sarah, student at NEOMA

Next month, I will start an internship in which I will be in charge of the redesign of a e-commerce website. I did not know anything about web dev and I trained HTML, CSS and JavaScript and I now feel way more confident about my mission.

Robin, graduate at NEOMA

Freshly graduated NEOMA, I’m launching a web app in the gaming field. To do so, I asked to intern developers but the was too difficult. We were simply not talking the same language! I had my ideas but they were answering with constraints, it was king of frustrating. I trained myself to the basics of programming and now we are working together way more efficiently because my requests consider the web environment from the beginning.

Jonathan, student at NEOMA

In six months, my studies will end and I’ll search for my first job in the finances. I learned the language Python until I got my certification. A true door opener to add in my CV during my researches in a super concurential sector.